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We’re celebrating 4 years of @JustinCrew.  Wow! Can you believe our Twitter page is 4 years old? To celebrate we’re having a huge giveaway.  On Friday, October 25, 2013 – stay tuned on our Twitter page.  It is super easy to enter the giveaway, all you have to do is retweet tweets (and/or tweet a […]

Video: Justin Bieber “All That Matters” Music Video

Justin Bieber‘s “All That Matters” video has leaked.  Normally, we wouldn’t post any leaked material on our site, however, Justin has tweeted out the link himself and is also confused as to how the video got leaked in the first place.  Justin’s visit to the Great Wall of China, wasn’t just as a tourist attraction, he also filmed a little video for his fans while he was there.

Check out the video below:

If you like “All That Matters,” click here to buy it on iTunes.

Justin Bieber’s Latest Track “All That Matters” Releases

All That Matters Cover ArtJustin Bieber‘s Music Mondays continues with the release of his latest track “All That Matters.”  He refers to his new songs as ‘journals,’ and Mondays are now considered Music Mondays.  Every Monday, Bieber releases a new track that is available for purchase on iTunes.  The ten weeks leads up to the release of Justin Bieber’s new movie Believe, which hits theaters this Christmas.  This week, Justin Bieber releases his latest single “All That Matters.”

Once again, Justin does it again and gets another track #1 all around the world.  Justin gives his fans an insight into his personal with these ‘journals.’  Here’s what Justin had to say about ‘All That Matters.’

The lyrics of this song are pretty self explanatory – when you fall in love with someone, that someone can make you feel whole. I feel like anyone who has been in love knows what I mean. The song conveys that being in love is one of the greatest feelings on earth. Love is all that matters. But the void you feel when that love goes away is gut-wrenching. I worked so hard on this song in the studio – trying to put that feeling into music was extremely important to me. I’m happy to share it with you. -JB (Source: JustinBieberMusic.com)

You can listen to “All That Matters” below:

Don’t you just love it? If so, you can purchase it on iTunes, click here to be directed.

Be sure to check out “Heartbreaker” on VEVO and buy it on iTunes.

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